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  • 1986
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LBJ: The Early Years is a 1987 biographical drama that focuses on the life of Lyndon Baines Johnson, the 36th President of the United States, during his early years in politics. The film stars Randy Quaid as LBJ, Patti LuPone as Claudia Alta Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson, and Morgan Brittany as Alice Glass. The movie begins with LBJ's early life in Texas and his entry into politics. It shows how he became a rising star in the Democratic Party by gaining support from his Texas constituents and working as a congressional aide for a Democratic senator. It also explores his personal relationships, including his courtship of Claudia Alta Taylor, who would eventually become his wife and First Lady of the United States.

As LBJ's political career continues to grow, the movie depicts the challenges he faced, including opposition from conservative southern Democrats, the civil rights movement, and the Vietnam War. Throughout the film, LBJ's decision-making and personal struggles are explored, including his deep regret over the escalation of the Vietnam War.

The film also delves into the relationship between LBJ and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., highlighting both the support and tension between the two men. It shows how LBJ struggled to balance the political realities of the time with his personal convictions on civil rights and racial justice.

Throughout the movie, Randy Quaid delivers a powerful and nuanced portrayal of LBJ. From his mannerisms to his speech patterns, Quaid fully embodies the former president, capturing both his charisma and his flaws. Patti LuPone also gives a strong performance as Lady Bird Johnson, showcasing her strength as a political partner and her unwavering devotion to her husband.

The film's production design and attention to detail are impressive. From the authentic period costumes to the recreations of historical events, the film truly transports audiences back to the 1960s.

Overall, LBJ: The Early Years is a compelling and illuminating look at the life of one of America's most complex and influential presidents. It portrays his strengths and weaknesses, his successes and mistakes, and the challenges he faced in trying to navigate a rapidly changing political landscape. With strong performances and a gripping narrative, this film is a must-see for anyone interested in American political history.

LBJ: The Early Years
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