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"LOVABLE OR LETHAL? Are they bad seeds...or frightened innocents caught in a diabolical duel with death!"
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Let's Kill Uncle is a unique and entertaining film from 1966 that tells the story of a boy who hatches a plan to kill his abusive Uncle Kevin. The movie stars Nigel Green as Uncle Kevin, Mary Badham as the boy's governess Alice, and Pat Cardi as the boy, Barnaby. Directed by William Castle, the film is a combination of comedy, psychological thriller, and coming-of-age story.

The movie opens with Barnaby being sent to live with his Uncle Kevin on a secluded island in the middle of nowhere. Uncle Kevin is a wealthy man who dislikes children and is only interested in Barnaby's inheritance. He makes no effort to hide his resentment towards the boy, and his behavior towards him is often violent and cruel. Barnaby's only solace is his governess, Alice, who sees through Uncle Kevin's facade.

As Barnaby turns 10 years old, he becomes increasingly scared and paranoid of his uncle. He believes that Uncle Kevin will kill him before he can inherit his fortune. Alice dismisses his fears, but Barnaby is determined to take matters into his own hands. He comes up with a plan to kill his uncle and enlists the help of Alice to make it happen.

What follows is a hilarious and suspenseful adventure as Barnaby and Alice try to kill Uncle Kevin in increasingly creative and absurd ways. The two of them go to great lengths to make their plan work, but each attempt ends in failure. Uncle Kevin begins to suspect that something is amiss, and the tension builds as he becomes more and more erratic.

One of the things that sets Let's Kill Uncle apart is how it mixes dark humor with suspense. The movie is often funny, but it never loses sight of the fact that a child is in danger, and his uncle is a real threat. There are moments of genuine fear and tension that keep you on the edge of your seat, but then there are scenes of pure absurdist comedy that make you laugh out loud.

The movie is also a coming-of-age story for Barnaby. Through his various attempts to kill Uncle Kevin, he learns valuable lessons about trust, loyalty, and the consequences of his actions. He grows up quickly and realizes that he can't solve his problems with violence. His relationship with Alice also evolves as they become partners in crime, and he learns to trust her and rely on her knowledge and experience.

The performances in Let's Kill Uncle are excellent. Nigel Green is particularly impressive as Uncle Kevin, perfectly capturing his sinister traits while still maintaining an air of charm and sophistication. Mary Badham is also fantastic as Alice, infusing her character with kindness, strength, and wit. Pat Cardi as Barnaby delivers an outstanding performance, showing a range of emotions from fear to determination.

The film's score and cinematography are also worth mentioning. The score is a mix of whimsical melodies and tense, ominous music, perfectly complementing the movie's tone. The cinematography is also top-notch, with stunning shots of the island and its surroundings.

One of the most interesting things about Let's Kill Uncle is how it subverts the traditional hero-villain dynamic. Barnaby is technically the hero of the story, but he's far from perfect. He's a child who's been through a lot, and he's not above using violence to get what he wants. Uncle Kevin is the villain, but he's a complex and nuanced character who's not as one-dimensional as he may seem.

In conclusion, Let's Kill Uncle is a must-see for fans of comedy, suspense, and clever storytelling. It's a perfect example of how to mix different genres and create something truly unique. The movie is a reminder that even in the darkest of situations, there's always room for humor and hope.

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