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"Don't laugh little girl, better run for your life. The man you were talking to, has just murdered his wife!"
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  • 1965
  • 1 hr 22 min
  • 6.2  (3,398)

I Saw What You Did is a 1965 thriller directed by William Castle, starring Joan Crawford, John Ireland, and Leif Erickson. The film opens with two teenage girls, Libby Mannering (Andi Garrett) and Kit Austin (Sarah Lane), playing a prank on random strangers by calling them and saying the titular phrase: "I saw what you did, and I know who you are." However, things take a dark turn when they inadvertently call a serial killer named Steve Marak (John Ireland), who then proceeds to hunt them down while they’re alone in the house.

Joan Crawford plays the role of Amy Nelson, the wife of a doctor named David (Leif Erickson). Amy is initially portrayed as a typical 1960s housewife, bored with her mundane life and desperate for some excitement. She becomes suspicious of her husband's infidelities and starts to investigate him, leading her to inadvertently become involved in the murder investigation. Crawford gives a convincing performance as a neurotic and paranoid woman, always on the edge and struggling to cope with a worsening situation.

John Ireland’s role as Steve Marak is quite sinister, with the actor portraying him as a ruthless and unpredictable killer. His scenes in the movie are quite gripping, and his portrayal of the character gives off an unsettling feeling that contributes greatly to the film's suspense.

Leif Erickson, who plays David Nelson, is effective in his role as the calm and collected doctor. He delivers a believable performance, and his character becomes increasingly suspicious as the plot thickens.

The cinematography in I Saw What You Did is impressive, with director William Castle using a multifaceted approach to create tension throughout the movie. The use of light and shadow is prominent, with the contrast heightening the overall ominous atmosphere of the film.

The musical score, composed by Van Alexander, is quite impressive, and helps to enhance the suspense and tension of the movie. It's a fitting score that complements the scenes very well, smoothly transitioning between intensity and quietude.

The film’s plot starts out slowly, with a lighthearted and comedic tone. However, the pacing picks up pretty quickly and becomes a thrilling ride, full of suspense and surprises. The movie’s climax is quite intense and leaves the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Overall, I Saw What You Did is a well-crafted and suspenseful thriller that keeps the audience engaged throughout. The performances by Joan Crawford, John Ireland, and Leif Erickson are top-notch, and the plot twists and turns make for a memorable movie experience. If you’re a fan of classic thrillers and suspenseful films, then I Saw What You Did is definitely worth checking out.

I Saw What You Did
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