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This is a movie that centers around a young lady finding the truth about her life, once she gives birth to a child of her own. This drama is about Acey, 16-yr old girl who has a baby and begins searching for her birth mother. This film shows Acey and her journey on finding her birth mother. You will have tears of laughter, tears of joy and tears of sadness watching this film. Guiding her along the way is the thoughts of her imagination as she uses these hallucinations to get through her long adventure.

Feeling she has no one to turn to or nowhere to go, she seeks out assistance from her adoptive mother to help her along the way.

1997 | 1 hr 39 min | 5.7/10
Sarah Paulson, Benjamin Heflin, Christopher Boyer, Cassandra Ray
Scott D. Goldstein
Produced By
Scott D. Goldstein
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Also starring Sarah Paulson