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This is a movie that is about a teen who finds a pair of sneakers that magically turns his love of basketball into something of a wonderful experience for him. Shortly after he finds the sneakers, they are struck by lightning, which magically turns the sneakers into a winning commodity. Others, upon learning the secret of the sneakers, want in on the glory of bounty that comes with the combination of the teen wearing the sneaker and playing basketball. It is the golden winning ticket, and those that have insight into this fact try hard to prosper from it. It is a movie that follows a time in a boy's life that starts the shaping of the boy's life into manhood.

In the movie, the star character, Jerome, learns some important things about life, self-confidence, and love. Having a talent that is enhanced by something really magical may not be all fun and smiles. Troubles often follow those who seek to prosper from someone else's talent. Trust should not be given lightly or without concern. The time comes when the teen just wants to quit playing basketball and give up, but something inside just want let him quit. Felling lonely and sad, Jerome learns an important lesson about playing on a team with friends. He learns from his friends the true meaning of playing any sport, learning to have fun while playing it. It is at this moment in time that Jerome learns the true meaning of teamwork, compassion, friendship, and self-worth. While the magic of the sneakers made Jerome a much better basketball player, Jerome learned that the secret to his talent lay elsewhere, boosted out only by his self-confidence.

This movie was directed by David Nelson, produced by David Bixler and written by Keith Mitchell and Allie Dvorin. It stars Jascha Washington, Kel Mitchell, Micheal Beach, Brett Kelly, Micah Williams, and Micheal Adamthwaite. It was released in 2006 and is a 92 minute film.

| 2006 | | 4.1/10
Jascha Washington, Kel Mitchell, Michael Beach, Brett Kelly
David Nelson
Produced By
David Bixler

Also directed by David Nelson

Also starring Jascha Washington

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