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"He's coming to our galaxy."

The 2002 original Disney family comedy movie Lilo & Stitch was one of Disney's most popular and successful films according to certain sources. The film shows how every family has a black sheep and how each family should learn to love and help that one member be their better selves. The film received 86% out of 100% from movie critics because of its heartwarming plot and relatable story. The film earned a grossing of $273 million because of how touching the story is.

When Dr. Jumba is placed on trial due to illegal genetic experiments, especially for his experiment 626. 626 is a cunning and aggressive creature who was created to be indestructible. He then escapes to earth, landing in Kauai Hawaii, while Jumba is imprisoned for his dangerous creation. 626 is then thought out for being an endangered dog, so he is placed inside of a dog shelter.

Meanwhile, in Kauai, two sisters, Lilo and Nani have just lost their parents in a car accident. Lilo is very rambunctious, while Nani is a working sister who is rarely at home due to her trying to support her sister. The sisters are regularly visited by Cobra Bubbles a big man who is a social worker. Bubbles believes and is afraid that Nani won't be able to take care of Lilo because of her always working. So, he continuously tells Nani that he wants Lilo to go into foster care, but Nani is very against this idea. Lilo doesn't understand the things that can happen, so she doesn't do anything to help Nani keep her.

One day, Nani sees Lilo praying for a friend, because she has no actual friends, as everyone seems to mock her rambunctious attitude. Nani then agrees to let Lilo adopt a dog, and Lilo obviously chooses Stitch, because he is the most unique looking dog from the rest of the dogs. Lilo then names this creature, Stitch. Jumbo is then asked to help find Stitch, as 626 is very dangerous, but Stitch hides with Lilo so he won't have to go back to space.

So, how will a sweet little girl and a dangerous alien from space get along?

2002 | 1 hr 25 min | 7.2/10
Lilo & Stitch
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