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"It's never too late to start living"
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  • 2021
  • 1 hr 27 min
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List of a Lifetime is a heartwarming drama that centers on the emotional journey of Brenda Lee (Kelly Hu), a woman whose life takes an unexpected turn when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Directed by Roxy Shih and released in 2021, the film delicately explores themes of family, self-discovery, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Brenda is a successful and determined businesswoman whose life is as orderly and controlled as her pristine office. However, routine medical tests reveal that she has breast cancer. The diagnosis comes as a shock, but it also acts as the catalyst for Brenda to reevaluate her priorities and the way she has been living her life. It is during this tumultuous period that Brenda decides to compile a "bucket list" - items and experiences she wants to accomplish if her time is limited.

As Brenda begins to work on her list, the movie provides poignant commentary on the value of every moment and the importance of pursuing one's dreams, no matter the circumstances. What makes List of a Lifetime particularly touching is its emphasis on relationships and the connections we share with others. Brenda's journey not only involves ticking off adventurous activities or personal goals, but also mending bridges and creating new bonds.

Enter Sylvia Kwan, portraying Brenda's long lost daughter Talia. Brenda had given Talia up for adoption many years prior, seeking to offer her a better life than she could have provided at the time. Now faced with her mortality, Brenda feels a sense of urgency to reconnect with Talia. This quest for reconnection is charged with a multitude of complex emotions, including fear of rejection, hope for forgiveness, and the innate longing for familial ties.

The narrative takes a deeper dive into the dynamics between mother and daughter as they cautiously navigate their newfound relationship. Talia, initially resistant and skeptical, grapples with the resurfacing of her past and the reality of her mother's illness. The film excels in portraying the struggles and the gradual development of trust and love between two individuals who are practically strangers, despite their blood relation.

Shannen Doherty portrays Diana, another vital character whose life intersects with Brenda's in a meaningful way. Diana's involvement brings a different perspective on breast cancer, as she is a survivor herself. Doherty, having had her own real-life battle with breast cancer, infuses the role with authenticity and depth, resonating with viewers who have experienced or have been affected by the disease. Diana becomes a source of inspiration and support for Brenda, embodying the sense of community and solidarity that often emerges among those touched by cancer.

List of a Lifetime does not shy away from the harsh realities and the emotional toll of a cancer diagnosis. The physical and psychological challenges that Brenda faces are depicted with sensitivity and honesty. The inclusion of support groups and candid discussions about treatment options and the fears accompanying a life-threatening illness add layers of realism to the storytelling.

The film also delves into the broader implications of Brenda's diagnosis, such as how it impacts those around her, including her colleagues, friends, and the man in her life. It underscores the message that while cancer can be an isolating experience, it also has the power to bring people together. The characters in Brenda's world are diverse in their reactions and support, providing a holistic view of how individuals cope with the illness of a loved one.

Visually, List of a Lifetime captures the transformative nature of Brenda's journey through evocative cinematography that mirrors her internal and external explorations. From the comfort of her home to the vastness of the experiences she seeks out, every frame of the film contributes to the overarching narrative of seizing life and finding beauty in every circumstance.

Kelly Hu's portrayal of Brenda Lee anchors the film with gravitas and vulnerability, allowing the audience to empathize deeply with her character's struggles and triumphs. Sylvia Kwan as Talia injects a youthful perspective and represents a beacon of hope and renewal in the midst of uncertain times. Shannen Doherty's Diana offers a testament to strength and resilience, providing a layer of inspirational courage that complements the main storyline.

Overall, List of a Lifetime is an emotionally charged and uplifting tale that not only sheds light on the individual battle against breast cancer but also celebrates the enduring strength of human connections. It's a film that encourages reflection on what truly matters in life and the legacy one leaves behind. With its blend of poignant drama and heartening messages, List of a Lifetime offers viewers a memorable cinematic experience that is as touching as it is life-affirming.

List of a Lifetime is a 2021 drama with a runtime of 1 hour and 27 minutes.

List of a Lifetime
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