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Marigold is a musical film starring Ali Larter. Marigold Lexington (Ali Larter) always expects everything to be handed to her because she is a selfish actress. Unfortunately, she has only been making sequels. She has the chance to go to India to film a movie. She gets to India only to find out the movie has been cancelled and she is stuck in India.

Feeling sorry for herself, she finds herself on the set of a Bollywood film. She gets a small part in the film and tries to convince everyone that she is a very famous actress from the United States. After leaving a disastrous date with one of the actors from the set, she meets the choreographer Prem Rajput (Salman Khan) who teaches her how to dance while showing her the local attractions in their spare time.

The more they spend time together, the more Prem shares with Marigold that he is has nothing to do with his family and that he is a prince. His sister contacts him about her upcoming marriage and would like for him to attend. Prem decides to go and take Marigold with him. Prem's family treats her with respect, but she is crushed when she finds out that Prem is in a prearranged marriage that is to happen in the near future.

Marigold runs away to the local bar and she and the woman that Prem is suppose to marry have a long talk and drink. Marigold's boyfriend Barry shows up and Prem runs into him at the bar. They both start drinking together talking to each other about their sorrows. They go back to Prem's father's house and Marigold is shocked to find Barry there the next morning.

The marriage procession begins and Prem and his bride are married. He lifts the veil and it is revealed to be Marigold. Everyone is happy and excited for the couple. A big celebration begins.

| 2007 | 1 hr 50 min | 5.0/10
Salman Khan, Ali Larter, Nandana Sen, Ian Bohen
Willard Carroll
Produced By
Charles Salmon
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Also directed by Willard Carroll