School for Seduction

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A young woman relocates to a working-class neighborhood from Naples, Italy and sets up a School for Seduction. A recent graduate from an Italian finishing school, she decides to share her knowledge with the ladies of Newcastle, England. This independent rom-com follows the lives of her and her students through failure, success, heart-break and triumph.

The film stars Kelly Brook as the femme fatale turned teacher. After posting a local advert, Sophia meets her students and they each begin a journey of self-discovery and realization. These working class ladies of Newcastle are portrayed by actresses such as Emily Woof, Dervia Kerwan and Margi Clarke.

As their confidence grows, the ladies begin to see their personal goals and dreams as attainable. In discovering their feminine virtue, these ladies find the power to shape their lives both professionally and personally. Lessons learned instruct them in the arts of etiquette, poise and seduction. Their new-found knowledge makes immediate impacts upon their lives, both positive and negative as they confront the inadequacies in their romance and careers.

Filmed entirely in Newcastle, we are given a slice of life in this North-East English town. From the chippers to the shops, the everyday lives of working-class people in the Tyneside region of England are illustrated in detail. The Geordie dialect spoken throughout roots the players geographically and sets the tone for this romantic comedy.

Directed by Sue Heel and produced by Sue Heel and Martin Herron, this indie film is a story of feminine grace. School of Seduction shows how the lives of a few ladies are changed by learning confidence and self esteem. In the end, the ladies come together to save Sophia from her hidden past and pursue their own new lives.

School of Seduction is 104 minutes and is distributed by Redbus Film Distribution.

| 2004 | 1 hr 44 min | 5.1/10
Sabina Loddo, Kelly Brook, Jake Canuso, Antonio Pellegrino
Sue Heel
Produced By
Christine Alderson, Steve Bowden
School for Seduction
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