Better Than Sex

"3 days in the life of a 1 night stand."
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Better Than Sex is an Australian romantic comedy drama that was written and directed by Jonathan Teplitzky. The film features David Wenham and Susie Porter and was produced by Frank Cox and Bruna Papandrea for Fireworks Pictures. Josh, a photographer (played by David Wenham), and Cin, a dressmaker and fashion designer played by Susie Porter), meet each other at a party. They chat for some time and then decide to spend the night together after sharing a taxi back to Cin’s place. Josh is preparing to leave for London in several days, so the two are not planning for anything at all serious between them. The fling is meant to be a casual, simple affair that ends quickly.

Each time, when Josh attempts to leave, his libido manages to insist that he go back to Cin's place. After a time, the two experience a bit of an interruption when one of Cin's friends called Sam (played by Catherine McClements) arrives to chat her up and winds up flirting with Josh.

It is clear that something more is developing between Cin and Josh

| 2000 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.3/10 | 47/100
David Wenham, Susie Porter, Catherine McClements, Kris McQuade
Jonathan Teplitzky
Produced By
Frank Cox, Bruna Papandrea
Better Than Sex
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Also starring David Wenham