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"3 days in the life of a 1 night stand."
  • R
  • 2000
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 6.3  (2,251)
  • 47

Better Than Sex is a 2000 Australian romantic comedy film directed and written by Jonathan Teplitzky. The film stars David Wenham, Susie Porter, and Kris McQuade in lead roles. The movie follows the story of Josh (David Wenham), a British photographer, who meets Cin (Susie Porter), a feisty Australian woman, at a bar in Sydney. They share a passionate night together, and after some time, they decide to spend an entire weekend together at a secluded beach house. During this period, they learn a lot about each other, and their various quirks and differences start to surface.

The film centers around the personal journey that both Josh and Cin go through as they navigate the complexities of falling in love with someone while also trying to remain true to themselves. Despite their initial attraction, they soon discover that they have very different views on life - Josh is a free spirit who travels the world taking pictures, whereas Cin is tied to her career and her family.

As the film progresses, both Josh and Cin come to realize that their relationship is built on more than just physical attraction. They start to understand each other on a deeper level, and despite their differences, they find a connection that goes beyond simple lust. The tension and the drama in the movie arise from the question of whether or not they can overcome these complications and make their relationship work.

The film's success lies in its ability to create an honest and accurate portrayal of falling in love. It doesn't shy away from the complexities and the difficulties that come with it. Instead, it shows the gradual process of learning to love someone deeply, and how this can be both exhilarating and terrifying.

The performances of David Wenham and Susie Porter are both standout in the film, delivering nuanced, relatable performances that make the characters feel real and authentic. Their chemistry is palpable, and the way they interact with each other is both sweet and sexy.

The cinematography in Better Than Sex is also worth mentioning. The film's breathtaking shots of the Australian countryside are gorgeous, and the intense close-ups during the sex scenes bring an added layer of intimacy to the story.

Overall, Better Than Sex is a brilliant film that captures the essence of falling in love with someone. It's both sexy and sweet, and it will leave you feeling hopeful about the possibility of finding true love.

Better Than Sex
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    1 hr 35 min
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    6.3  (2,251)
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