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"From the sidelines to the spotlight."
  • TV-MA
  • 2016
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 5.8  (7,914)
  • 57

Mascots is a comedy film from 2016 written and directed by Christopher Guest. It takes place in the world of competitive mascots, following a group of performers as they prepare for the 8th World Mascot Association Championships. The movie begins by introducing various colorful characters, each with their own unique mascot persona. The cast includes Zach Woods as a giant armadillo, Wayne Wilderson as a hedgehog, and Sarah Baker as a married couple mane and tail duo. They are all vying for the top prize of $10,000 and the highly coveted Gold Fluffy award.

As the competition draws nearer, tensions mount and relationships are tested. There is a lot of quirky, off-beat humor and absurd scenarios, such as one character's unfortunate incident with a heavy mascot head or another's extremely inappropriate routine. Guest creates a fun, lighthearted atmosphere that never takes itself too seriously.

One of the standout performances comes from Parker Posey as Cindi Babineaux, a former mascot turned judge. She embodies the haughty, slightly delusional personality of a has-been who is still clinging to her glory days with ridiculous ease. Her interactions with the other judges, played by Jane Lynch and Ed Begley Jr., are especially entertaining.

Another hilarious character is Alvin Flang, played by Chris O'Dowd. He is an Irishman who that came to America to realize his mascot dream, embodying any and every mascot that would hire him. He gets himself in some pretty crazy situations as he tries to juggle being several different animals at the same time.

The movie celebrates the unique world of mascots in all its cheesy glory, but the characters are never portrayed as one-dimensional. They are complex individuals with their own quirks and desires, making it easy to root for each of them in their endeavor to win the championship.

Overall, Mascots is a fun, light-hearted comedy that offers a unique look into the world of competitive mascots. The characters are well-developed, the humor is silly but never mean-spirited, and the plot never takes itself too seriously. Fans of quirky comedies will enjoy this movie, but it's not for everyone.

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