Matando Cabos

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"A killer mob comedy."
  • R
  • 2004
  • 1 hr 34 min
  • 7.4  (5,706)
  • 44

Matando Cabos (Killing Cabos) is a Mexican comedy crime farce that was written by Tony Dalton and Kristoff. Directed by Alejandro Lozano, the story concerns Jaque, who winds up in a very bad situation after being caught having sex with the wife of Cabos, a businessman. As a result, Jaque receives a terrible beating within inches of his life. Jaque is then confronted by Cabos, who after accidentally tripping, loses consciousness. Jaque enlists his friend, Mudo to figure out what to do. They decide to leave Cabos in the office. The company’s janitor, who was a betrayed friend of Cabos, steals and wears his stylish and valued clothing.

When the janitor leaves, he is grabbed by kidnappers who believe he is actually Cabos. The kidnappers want to make Cabos pay for what he had done to their father. While in the bathroom, Mudo and Jaque make plans to take Cabo with them to avoid possible accusations and put him in the car trunk.

While departing from the parking lot, they come upon the kidnappers while stopped at a street light. Each car has a body in the trunk. They smile nervously at each other and try to look as casual as possible.

The kidnappers arrive at a girl's house and leave the person they abducted who they believe to be Cabos with a bag on his head, tied to a chair. They try calling Cabos' home to let his wife know that they have him and are holding him for ransom.

At a nearby party, some mix-ups manage to result in Cabos' friend being dumped while Cabos is actually left at Jaque's place. When Cabos returns, he finds that his wife is having sex with his friend named Tony, who escapes through the window. Cabos chases him, realizing his friend is lying in the yard. The friend wakes up to see an angry Cabos who hits him in the face with a golf club.

Matando Cabos
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    1 hr 34 min
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    7.4  (5,706)
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