Ladies' Night

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This provocative film follows the transitions that occur in a woman’s life when she meets an unexpected friend. When a conservative woman is set to get married, one of her fiancé’s jealous friends hires a stripper. When the stripper and the soon to be married woman hit it off, the woman realizes that the wedding might not be the event she needs. The film reveals some inner strength in friendship, rivalry, and how love can evolve when everyone least expects it to.

2003 | | 5.4/10
Ana Claudia Talancón, Ana de la Reguera, Luis Roberto Guzmán, Fabián Corres
Gabriela Tagliavini
Produced By
Epigmenio Ibarra, Inna Payán
Ladies' Night
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Also starring Ana Claudia Talancón

Also starring Ana de la Reguera