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  • 2019
  • 2 hr 1 min
  • 6.8  (8,986)
  • 60

Matthias & Maxime is a 2019 Canadian drama film written and directed by Xavier Dolan, who also stars alongside Gabriel D'Almeida Freitas and Pier-Luc Funk. The movie delves into the intricate dynamics of a close-knit group of friends but particularly centers on the eponymous characters, Matthias and Maxime, whose relationship takes a sharp turn after an unanticipated incident challenges their bond and alters their lives significantly.

The film opens a window into the millennial generation, exploring themes of friendship, love, identity, and the sometimes blurry lines between platonic and romantic relationships within a tight community of young adults. It’s set in the vibrant city of Montreal and captures the essence of the city’s culture, language, and ambiance, utilising both French and English to communicate its story and evoke a sense of place that is integral to its characters' lives.

Matthias, played by Gabriel D’Almeida Freitas, is a lawyer in the making. He is characterized by his seriousness, his clear path in life, and his dedication to his career and future stability. Despite his focused and somewhat conventional approach to life, Matthias harbors a deep sense of loyalty and connection to his friends, especially Maxime.

Maxime, portrayed by Xavier Dolan, serves as a counterbalance to Matthias. He is marked by a more troubled past, including a difficult relationship with his mother and a less certain future. Redefining himself and his life’s purpose, Maxime considers moving abroad to Australia to find new opportunities and perhaps an escape from his present circumstances.

Transcending mere friendship, the intimacy between Matthias and Maxime does not go unnoticed by their social circle, including friends played by Pier-Luc Funk and others. However, it is a scripted kiss for a student film that sets the premise, pushing the boundaries of their relationship. The innocent act triggers a series of introspective questions and tensions, making them grapple with their emotions and the nature of their bond.

As their group meanders through parties, bar nights, and quiet moments of camaraderie, Matthias and Maxime wrestle with understanding what has been awakened. Dolan presents these experiences in his signature stylistic nuance: rich cinematography, a mix of eclectic music, and a deep emphasis on character facial expressions and eye contact to convey inner turmoil and unspoken sentiments.

The film isn’t solely fixated on the two main characters; it also paints vivid portraits of their friends, weaving their stories into the central narrative and using them as reflective surfaces for the protagonists’ emotions. Each supporting character, with distinct personalities and life choices, contributes to the exploration of themes like pursuing ambitions, confronting insecurities, and maintaining friendships into adulthood.

Matthias & Maxime also engages with the struggle between societal norms and personal desires. Matthias, seemingly settled in his trajectory, finds himself rattled by the questions that arise after the kiss, which affect his relationships both within and outside their friend circle. Meanwhile, Maxime, who seems more in touch with his emotions and vulnerabilities, is compelled to re-evaluate his decisions and the potential loss that his departure to Australia might entail.

As the story unfolds, the music accompaniment is worth noting. The soundtrack reverberates with a mix of contemporary and classic tracks, mirroring the emotional landscape of the film. From moments of joy and abandon to quiet epiphanies, the music serves as a parallel narrative echoing the characters' internal journeys.

There's a focus on aesthetic in "Matthias & Maxime" as well, with Dolan's use of color, framing, and light contributing to the emotional texture of the film. Deliberately crafted shots offer visual storytelling that complements the dialogue or, at times, replaces it altogether, particularly in how it tackles the raw and tender moments the characters endure.

Moreover, Matthias & Maxime strikes a balance between archetype and specificity, crafting characters that, while identifiable as a certain 'type,' are also endowed with a unique depth, rendering them far more than mere vessels for thematic conveyance. The film approaches its subject with a delicate hand, examining the grace and pain of human connection without heavy-handedness or simplification.

In essence, Matthias & Maxime is a thoughtful, poetic exploration of young adulthood, the complex tapestry of human relationships, and the courage it takes to confront one's most profound feelings. Through the performances of Gabriel D'Almeida Freitas, Xavier Dolan, and the supporting cast, the film offers a narrative that is both personal and universal, and it invites viewers to ponder their own relationships and the paths chosen, not chosen, and yet to be decided.

Matthias & Maxime is a 2019 drama with a runtime of 2 hours and 1 minute. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.8 and a MetaScore of 60.

Matthias & Maxime
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