Meera Ka Mohan

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  • NR
  • 1992
  • 2 hr 28 min
  • 6.6  (19)

Meera Ka Mohan is a 1992 Bollywood drama film directed by K. Ravi Shankar and produced by Gulshan Kumar. The movie stars Avinash Wadhawan, Ashwini Bhave and Pran Sikand in the lead roles. The music of the movie is composed by Arun Paudwal and the lyrics are penned by Sameer. The story revolves around Meera (Ashwini Bhave), a young and beautiful girl who lives with her father in a small village. Meera is deeply devoted to Lord Krishna and spends most of her time singing bhajans (devotional songs) in praise of him. She dreams of meeting her lord someday and vows to remain unmarried until she finds him.

One day, a wealthy businessman named Mohan (Avinash Wadhawan) comes to the village on a business trip. He is immediately smitten by Meera's beauty and falls in love with her. Meera, however, is not interested in worldly desires and rejects Mohan's advances. Mohan is determined to win her heart and decides to stay in the village for a while.

As Mohan spends more time in the village, he begins to understand and appreciate Meera's devotion towards Lord Krishna. He starts to believe in the power of faith and accompanies Meera to the temple where they sing bhajans together. The two of them develop a deep bond and Mohan's love for Meera only grows stronger.

However, their happiness is short-lived as Meera's father disapproves of their relationship. He wants Meera to marry someone who shares her devotion towards Lord Krishna and not just someone who is infatuated with her beauty. Mohan is heartbroken but resolves to prove his worth to Meera's father.

Meanwhile, a series of events unfolds that threatens to shake the foundation of Meera's faith. She is accused of stealing from the temple and is banished from the village. Meera is shattered and believes that Lord Krishna has forsaken her. Mohan, however, refuses to give up on her and makes it his mission to clear her name and restore her faith.

The movie showcases the power of love, faith and devotion. The chemistry between Avinash Wadhawan and Ashwini Bhave is palpable and their performances are commendable. Pran Sikand's portrayal of Meera's father is also noteworthy.

The music of the movie is another highlight. Songs like "Tum Hi Ho Mata", "Yeh Duniya Ek Dulhan", and "Kabhi Bhula Khabi Yaad Kiya" are still popular among music lovers. The cinematography captures the beauty of rural India and adds to the charm of the movie.

Overall, Meera Ka Mohan is a heartwarming tale of love and devotion that is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

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  • Runtime
    2 hr 28 min
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (19)