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  • 1936
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Men Are Not Gods is a classic 1936 British romantic drama film directed by Walter Reisch. The film stars some of the finest British actors of the time, including Miriam Hopkins, Gertrude Lawrence, and Sebastian Shaw. The movie is a light-hearted romantic comedy that showcases the glamour and sophistication of the British upper class in the pre-World War II era.

The plot revolves around the love triangle between Ann Williams (played by Miriam Hopkins), a successful novelist, Clive Loring (played by Sebastian Shaw), a famous actor, and Leonora Vail (played by Gertrude Lawrence), a glamorous socialite. Ann is known for her witty writing, but her romantic life is far from perfect, as she is caught up in a love triangle between two very different men. Clive is a narcissistic actor who is used to getting his way. Leonora is a beautiful society woman who is more interested in her own life than anyone else's. When Ann becomes involved with both Clive and Leonora, she finds herself torn between her loyalty to her friend Leonora and her attraction to Clive.

The movie captures the ambience of the 1930s with its fashionable clothing, elegant sets, and witty dialogue. The three main actors are superb in their delivery, and they bring a sense of glamour and sophistication to the screen. Hopkins, in particular, is outstanding as the strong-willed Ann Williams, who refuses to choose between the two men in her life. Her intelligence and wit are evident in every scene that she is in, and she dominates the screen with her commanding presence.

Aside from the romantic plot, Men Are Not Gods also explores some of the deeper issues of the 1930s, such as class differences and women's roles in society. The character of Leonora, for example, is a reflection of the changing role socialites played in the upper class during this time period. She is depicted as an independent and forward-thinking woman who bucks the traditional standards of the day. However, the film also shows how even the most privileged women of the era still faced limitations in their personal lives due to societal expectations.

The film's climax is a tour-de-force of romantic drama, with Ann struggling to choose between Clive and Leonora while also trying to maintain her own independence. The resolution is satisfying and realistic, without resorting to clichés or overly dramatic scenes.

Overall, Men Are Not Gods is a charming romantic comedy that remains relevant and entertaining even today. It captures the essence of the upper class lifestyle in the 1930s and presents some interesting insights into the changing social norms of the era. The film's strong performances, witty dialogue, and clever plot make it an enjoyable movie that will keep viewers entertained from beginning to end.

Men Are Not Gods
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