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"In her innocence she expected days and nights of tender love. What she got was a Bitter Shock!"
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  • 1932
  • 1 hr 23 min
  • 6.9  (1,893)

Merrily We Go to Hell is a romantic drama film from 1932 starring Sylvia Sidney, Fredric March, and Adrianne Allen. Directed by Dorothy Arzner, the story revolves around a wealthy couple, Joan and Jerry, who are deeply in love but constantly struggle with alcohol addiction. At the beginning of the film, we see Jerry Sloane (Fredric March) as a journalist who falls for the charming socialite Joan Prentice (Sylvia Sidney). Despite his father's warning that marrying a wealthy woman will make him lose his ambition, Jerry and Joan get married and start living together.

As the story progresses, we see the couple attending parties, drinking heavily, and socializing with their upper-class friends. However, their alcoholism starts to take a toll on their relationship, causing frequent arguments and infidelities.

Joan becomes increasingly frustrated with Jerry's drunken behavior and begins to feel unfulfilled in their marriage. She eventually meets Mark Harris (Cary Grant), a successful playwright who is the opposite of Jerry. Mark's sincerity and artistic passion attract Joan, and she starts to pursue him romantically.

Meanwhile, Jerry realizes that he has lost Joan to his alcoholism and seeks to redeem himself, quitting drinking and focusing on his career. However, it might be too late for Jerry to save his marriage and win back Joan's heart.

The film's title, Merrily We Go to Hell, reflects the characters' reckless lifestyle and self-destructive behavior. Despite the film's light-hearted tone and comedic moments, there is an underlying darkness and sadness to the story.

Sylvia Sidney delivers a captivating and nuanced performance as Joan, portraying the character's conflicted emotions and vulnerability. Fredric March also shines in his role as Jerry, depicting the character's descent into alcoholism and his desperation to save his marriage.

The supporting cast, including Adrianne Allen as Claire, Joan's best friend, and Cary Grant as Mark, contribute to the film's rich characters and dynamic relationships.

Director Dorothy Arzner's strong female perspective is evident throughout the film, especially in the portrayal of Joan as a complex and empowered character who defies social norms.

Overall, Merrily We Go to Hell is an engrossing and thought-provoking drama that remains relevant today, dealing with themes of addiction, marriage, and social dynamics. The film's sharp writing, impressive performances, and stylish direction make it a must-watch for fans of classic Hollywood cinema.

Merrily We Go to Hell
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