Mifune's Last Song

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  • R
  • 1999
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 7.1  (8,005)
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Mifune's Last Song is a Danish comedy-drama movie from 1999 that tells a unique story about a small Danish fishing village that gets a new visitor that challenges the conventional ways of life. The movie stars Iben Hjejle, Anders W. Berthelsen, and Jesper Asholt in the lead roles. Directed by Soren Kragh Jacobsen, the film revolves around Kresten (Anders W. Berthelsen), a successful professional living in Copenhagen, who is forced to return home to his remote fishing village in Denmark after the death of his father. Upon arrival, Kresten is forced to confront his past, including his mentally-disabled younger brother, Rud (Jesper Asholt), and his father's employees who are all of varying degrees of eccentricity.

During his father's funeral, Kresten meets a young woman named Liva (Iben Hjejle) who is stranded in the village after missing her train. Liva is a sex worker who is on the run from her pimp and has no place to go. Kresten agrees to let Liva stay with him, provided that she keeps her profession a secret from his brother and the villagers.

As the story progresses, Kresten struggles to balance taking care of his brother, maintaining his family's farm, and hiding Liva's true occupation from everyone. Meanwhile, Liva starts to become a part of the community and catches the eye of some of the villagers, including a lonely, middle-aged man named Gerner (Birgitte Raaberg).

The movie is both heartwarming and comical, with Kresten's intense balancing act between modern urban life and his simple village upbringing providing most of the laughter. The relationship between Kresten and Liva is also very intriguing, as they are two people from very different worlds who find comfort in each other.

One of the most striking elements of the movie is its depiction of the small fishing village as a place where everyone knows everyone else's business. The villagers are all portrayed as quirky, unique, and somewhat eccentric, which adds to the overall charm of the movie.

The movie has a well-written script, and the performances by the lead actors are excellent. Anders W. Berthelsen delivers a standout performance as Kresten, embodying the character's frustration, sadness, and humor with ease. Iben Hjejle is also great as Liva, capturing the character's vulnerability and strength in equal measure. Jesper Asholt delivers a nuanced portrayal of Rud, Kresten's mentally-disabled brother, in a role that could have easily been played for laughs but is instead treated with dignity and respect.

Overall, Mifune's Last Song is a touching and entertaining movie that manages to balance humor and drama perfectly. It is a movie that will leave viewers feeling a range of emotions, and it is well worth watching.

Mifune's Last Song
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