Monster A Go-Go

"A way-out tale of a far-out monster!"
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Monster A Go-Go is a sci-fi horror movie. It is about a crash landing. An astronaut crash lands in a field instead of the ocean where he was supposed to land. This astronaut is out of the capsule in a flash. He is leaking radiation and appears to be much larger than he was before he left Earth and attacks people. When he is cornered he suddenly disappears. There is then a report that the astronaut's capsule has splashed down in the ocean more than 7,500 miles away.

Radiation poisoning can make people angry. It doesn't usually make them grow larger or kill. This film is a mystery about what really landed in the field.

| 1965 | 1 hr 10 min | 2.1/10
Philip Morton, June Travis, George Perry, Lois Brooks
Herschell Gordon Lewis, Bill Rebane
Produced By
Herschell Gordon Lewis
Monster A Go-Go
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