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  • TV-PG
  • 2007
  • 1 hr 36 min
  • 6.0  (2,191)

Montana Sky is a 2007 made-for-television movie based on the novel by bestselling author Nora Roberts. Directed by Mike Robe and starring Ashley Williams, Charlotte Ross, and Diane Ladd, it is a thrilling drama set in the breathtaking vista of Montana. The story revolves around three half-sisters, Willa, Tess, and Lily, who have inherited their father's sprawling ranch after his sudden death. The three women, who have different personalities and lifestyles, are forced to share the property and work together to run the ranch.

Willa, played by Ashley Williams, is a schoolteacher who has spent most of her life in the city. She is the responsible one of the sisters, who cares about keeping the ranch functioning and prospering. Tess, played by Charlotte Ross, is a famous fashion designer who has never been to Montana. She is impulsive, carefree, and uninterested in the ranch, but her stay changes her outlook on life. The third sister, Lily, played by Laura Mennell, is young, wild, and unpredictable. She hates the ranch and her sisters, but her time in Montana helps her grow and become more independent.

The sisters' peaceful lives take a turn when their father's will is revealed. He has concealed a condition: only one of the sisters can inherit the ranch. The three women must live together for a year and run the ranch as a team to receive their inheritance. This arrangement leads to tension between the sisters.

In the meantime, a sinister man named Jack Mercy, portrayed by John Corbett, is released from prison and arrives in town to collect a debt owed to him by their father. Jack is a cruel, violent man who has a history with the sisters. As he arrives in Montana, he begins to torment them with threatening letters and eerie phone calls. The sisters are left worried and confused about Jack's motives and the danger looming over them.

The arrival of horse whisperer, Ben McKinnon, played by Aaron Pearl, starts a romance with Willa. He helps the sisters take care of the horses on the ranch and is soon drawn into the drama surrounding them. Ben is a strong, sensitive, and protective man. He helps the sisters cope with Jack's menacing presence and provides a source of strength for them.

As time passes, Jack's bullying tactics intensify, and the sisters begin to suspect he has a motive other than his debt. They soon realize that Jack is after something that their father left on the ranch. What could it be and what will Jack do to get it?

The movie is an intriguing thriller that keeps viewers on edge until the end. It covers themes like family, love, loyalty, and betrayal. All the actors did well in their roles and portrayed their characters in a believable and relatable way. The stunning scenery of Montana adds to the beauty and authenticity of the movie.

Overall, Montana Sky is a movie that will leave viewers entertained, captivated, and emotionally invested in the lives of the three sisters trying to protect their inheritance and their lives from a dangerous man. It is a movie that is worth watching with friends and family, especially for those who enjoy drama, suspense, and romance.

Montana Sky
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