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  • 1988
  • 7.5  (430)

Moonnam Mura is a 1988 Malayalam film that stars Mohanlal, Sukumaran, and Janardanan in leading roles. The film was directed by K. Madhu and was produced by T. Balakrishnan. The film revolves around the life of an honest police officer named Sathyaprathapan, who is determined to locate and bring to justice a terrorist named Al Kabir.

The film opens with an attack by Al Kabir, a terrorist, on the Indian embassy in London, resulting in the death of many Indians. The Indian government is shaken by the incident and formulates a plan to bring Al Kabir to justice. The plan involves sending a sharp and capable officer, Sathyaprathapan, played by Mohanlal, to infiltrate Al Kabir's gang and bring him to justice.

Sathyaprathapan, who is known for his honesty and fearlessness, accepts the mission and begins his journey to Nairobi, where Al Kabir is believed to be hiding. To gain the trust of Al Kabir and his gang, Sathyaprathapan poses as a smuggler and successfully gains entry into the gang. He soon becomes a close confidant of Al Kabir and his men.

As he spends more time with Al Kabir, Sathyaprathapan learns about his past and the reasons that turned him into a terrorist. Despite his closeness to Al Kabir, Sathyaprathapan never loses sight of his mission, and he is determined to bring the terrorist to justice. However, things get complicated when Sathyaprathapan falls in love with Al Kabir's sister, played by Geetha.

The film is an exciting thriller that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats throughout. Mohanlal gives an outstanding performance as Sathyaprathapan, a man on a mission. Sukumaran, who plays Al Kabir, is convincing as the dreaded terrorist. The chemistry between Mohanlal and Geetha is also worth a mention, and they deliver some heart-warming scenes.

The film is also notable for its technical aspects. The cinematography by Venu captures the breathtaking landscapes of Nairobi and the surrounding areas. The music by Johnson, especially the romantic number 'Prananilavu', is soothing and adds to the film's appeal.

Apart from the thrilling plot, Moonnam Mura also touches upon some important themes such as terrorism, patriotism, and sacrifice. The film highlights the sacrifices made by the security personnel to keep the country safe from the clutches of terrorists. It also shows that terrorism is not just a law and order problem, but it is also a result of various economic, social, and political factors.

In conclusion, Moonnam Mura is a must-watch for fans of Mohanlal, Sukumaran, and Janardanan. It is a gripping thriller that manages to keep the viewers engaged from start to finish. The film's message about the importance of national security and the sacrifices made by the security personnel is also relevant and thought-provoking.

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