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"Money can make people do funny things."
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All About the Benjamins is a fast-paced action film that doubles as a comedy filled theatrical work of monumental proportions. Starring Ice Cube as the methodical bounty hunter known as Bucum, along with Mike Epps as the evasive Reggie, this mismatched pair is forced to combine forces in efforts of achieving their separate goals. Reggie seems to be able to successfully avoid incarceration while staying with his ex-girlfriend, who allows him to stay against her better judgment. Each time he is taken in, he is able to skip bail and remain a free man. Eventually, Bucum is enlisted as a freelance bounty hunter in the authority's efforts to apprehend him and bring him to justice. While performing his daily routine, Reggie decides that he will partake in the purchasing of a lottery ticket, which to his surprise, is a winner.

His excitement at winning 50 million dollars is only overshadowed by Bucum's attempts at apprehending him. While trying to escape the clutches of his captivating bounty hunter, he is forced to hide in the back of a van. This van is housing a team of jewel thieves that are unwillingly, and unknowingly housing an escaped convict. While Bucum pursues his trail, he is motivated by his desire to eventually start up his own private investigation company with the money he is to be making. Reggie is accidentally kidnapped by the diamond thieves, but manages to be able to escape their clutches. After escaping, he realizes that his winning lottery ticket is missing, which he was holding in his wallet. His only conclusion is that it must be in the possession of the thieves.

After reluctantly meeting back up with Bucum, they find a common interest in locating the thieves together. Reggie will attempt to regain possession of his winning lottery ticket, while Bucum focuses on capturing the thieves who now have a hefty bounty placed on them as well. They will have to negate their common disinterest in each other in order to achieve their common goal of apprehending the thieves for their own personal desires. All About the Benjamins features a considerable amount of violence and adult language in some scenes, and may not be appropriate for all viewers.

| 2002 | 1 hr 39 min | 5.9/10 | 34/100
Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Tommy Flanagan, Carmen Chaplin
Kevin Bray
Produced By
Matt Alvarez, Ice Cube

Also directed by Kevin Bray

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