Ride Along 2

"The brothers-in-law are back"

Ben Barber has graduated from the police academy and has officially joined the Atlanta Police Department. He is also engaged to marry the love of his life, Angela Payton. While Ben is happy, his future brother-in-law, James Payton, is not. Ben starts off by ruining James's drug bust. But he has a chance to redeem himself when his captain assigns him and James to put together a team to head to Miami and take down the city's biggest drug lord, Antonio Pope. While Ben sees this as an opportunity to further his career and impress his future brother-in-law, James just prays Ben doesn't screw up his investigation.

Landing in Miami, Ben immediately gets on the wrong side of a female detective. The mishaps continue with high speed chases and accidentally shooting suspects. Somehow, Ben must pull it together to help James close the case and return to Atlanta in time for his wedding day.

| 2016 | 1 hr 42 min | 5.9/10
Tim Story
Ride Along 2

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