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"If you go down to the woods today."

Mother's Day is a 1980 horror film about a trio of friends who get more than they bargain for when they go into the woods for a camping trip. Trina (Tiana Pierce), Jackie (Debra Luce), and Abbey (Nancy Hendrickson) are three college buddies who need to escape their suffocating lives for some much-needed rest. They go deep into the New Jersey woods and set up camp. In the middle of the night, they are dragged by their sleeping bags to the lair of three demented hillbillies: Ike (Frederick Coffin), his brother Addley (Michael McCleery), and their mother (Beatrice Pons).

The women go through hours of systematic torture and abuse by the sons as the demented mother directs and watches in delight. Jackie is forced to don a Shirley Temple dress and carry a set of schoolbooks as part of a sick, sexual scenario where the son lies in wait then attacks. Jackie is brutally beaten during the attack and viciously raped; after a few hours, she succumbs to her wounds. Abbey and Trina are finally able to escape into the woods. They arm themselves for battle with several tools and sharp objects to exact a violent and painful revenge.

Abbey and Trina choose their opportunity to pounce. Addley gets a sharp object to the throat and an axe to his groin area. Ike gets it next when he gets a bottle of Drano poured down his throat and a number of interesting things done to him with an electric knife sharpener. Now that the sons are out of the way, it's time for mother to get her comeuppance. While the mother is in bed, she is held down and suffocated with a large plastic bag. Now that their business is done, Abbey and Trina get ready to leave the woods. Out of the blue, mother's deformed sister, Queenie, leaps from behind the brush and attacks the women. It is unknown if they survive.

| 1980 | 1 hr 31 min | 5.4/10
Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, Tiana Pierce, Frederick Coffin

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