Mustang Sally

"Sex you'll die for."

Mustang Sally also known as Mustang Sally's Horror House is an American horror and thriller movie. The movie is about how a group of college boys hanging out a bar during vacation hear a story about a whorehouse run by the sexy and irresistible Mustang Sally. As the biker at the bar reveals more and more information about the whorehouse, the boys are tempted to go and see the brothel for themselves and have one of the best times of their lives. Little do the boys know that the brothel run by Mustang Sally has a terrifying secret, that few ever get to tell. Mustang Sally debuted in theaters in 2006.

| 2006 | | 4.4/10
Elizabeth Daily, Lindsey Labrum, Mark Parrish, Erik Fellows
Mustang Sally
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Also directed by Iren Koster