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  • TV-14
  • 2015
  • 3.9  (237)

My Bebe Love is a romantic-comedy movie released in 2015 in the Philippines. It is directed by Jose Javier Reyes and stars Vic Sotto, AiAi Delas Alas, and Alden Richards. The film tells the story of a lovestruck couple who compete with one another to win a cash prize from a couple’s dance contest. The movie revolves around two couples, Vito (Vic Sotto) and Cora (AiAi Delas Alas), and Anna (Maine Mendoza) and Dondi (Alden Richards). Anna and Dondi are both studying in the United States, but they both decide to go back to the Philippines to spend the holidays with their families.

When Anna and Dondi arrive in the Philippines, they meet Vito and Cora, who happens to be Anna's aunt. They quickly discover that Vito and Cora are not on good terms with each other. Both Vito and Cora are widowed and have been living with their respective families for years. They both have different personalities, which leads to constant arguments.

As soon as Anna and Dondi learn about the cash prize being offered by a dance competition, they urge Vito and Cora to join the contest. However, there is a catch. The winning couple must be in a romantic relationship. Vito and Cora decide to fake their relationship just to compete for the prize.

As the competition progresses, Vito and Cora start to develop feelings for each other. However, their children are not in favor of their relationship. They disapprove of their parents' newfound love and do everything in their power to sabotage them. At the same time, Anna and Dondi's relationship is also in trouble. Dondi is being pursued by a woman who is determined to win his heart.

Can Vito and Cora's relationship withstand the test of time? Will Anna and Dondi's relationship survive the obstacles that they face? These are just some of the questions that the movie tries to answer.

One of the strengths of My Bebe Love is its cast. Vic Sotto and AiAi Delas Alas are both seasoned actors who know how to deliver comedy effectively. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, on the other hand, are relatively new to acting, but they have a natural chemistry that works well on screen.

Another standout aspect of the movie is its humor. The movie is filled with comedic scenes that will surely make the audience laugh. From Vito's witty one-liners to Cora's outrageous antics, the movie never takes itself too seriously.

The movie also pays homage to the Filipino Christmas traditions. It showcases the colorful and lively Filipino Christmas celebrations, which are a huge part of the country's culture. It also touches on the importance of family, especially during the holiday season.

One of the weaknesses of the movie is its pacing. Some scenes drag on longer than necessary, which can be tedious for some viewers. Another weakness is its predictability. The movie follows a formulaic plot that is all too familiar in romantic-comedies.

In conclusion, My Bebe Love is an entertaining romantic-comedy that is well-acted and funny. Its homage to Filipino Christmas traditions is a welcome addition to the film. However, its pacing and predictability may turn off some viewers. Nevertheless, it is a movie that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a lighthearted and funny film.

My Bebe Love
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