Ispiritista: Itay, May Moomoo!

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  • 2005
  • 1 hr 50 min
  • 5.5  (42)

Ispiritista: Itay, May Moomoo! is a Filipino comedy horror film released in 2005. It is directed by Tony Y. Reyes and is produced by OctoArts Films. The movie stars Vic Sotto as Victor, a man who is trying to raise his daughter and keep their family estate from falling apart. Cindy Kurleto plays Victor's daughter, Anna, while Iza Calzado plays a young woman named Aura who gets involved in their lives after accidentally hitting Victor with her car.

As the story unfolds, the audience is introduced to a world of supernatural phenomena as Victor discovers that he has the ability to see ghosts and spirits. The title of the movie comes from the Filipino folklore belief that a moomoo is a type of spirit that steals children in the night.

Despite its comedic elements, Ispiritista: Itay, May Moomoo! tackles the serious subject of a family struggling to stay together amidst supernatural forces. The film highlights the importance of family values and unity, as well as tackling the theme of redemption.

Vic Sotto does a great job in his role as Victor, delivering some hilarious comic scenes while also showing his ability to act in emotionally charged moments. Cindy Kurleto also gives a solid performance, portraying her character as a responsible young woman who is dependent on her father.

One of the highlights of the film is the chemistry between Vic Sotto and Iza Calzado. The audience sees the blossoming of a romantic relationship between their characters as the movie progresses. Iza Calzado gives an effective portrayal of Aura, a woman who is trying to recover from a difficult past and find a new lease on life.

Apart from these notable performances, the film also boasts an impressive supporting cast that includes BJ Forbes, Long Mejia, and Allan K. The humor in the movie is typical of Filipino comedies, with slapstick moments and witty one-liners throughout.

The film's horror elements are well-executed, incorporating jump scares and eerie moments that are sure to make audiences feel on edge. The visual effects used to create the spirits and ghosts are also impressive, adding to the overall atmosphere of the movie.

The production design of the movie is also noteworthy. The family estate where most of the events take place is incredibly detailed and looks authentic. The lighting and camera work used throughout the movie create an eerie and sinister atmosphere that is fitting for a horror movie.

Despite its comedic and horror aspects, Ispiritista: Itay, May Moomoo! contains a strong message about the importance of family and redemption. The themes of the movie are universal and can be appreciated by audiences of all ages.

In conclusion, Ispiritista: Itay, May Moomoo! is a well-made Filipino comedy horror movie that delivers on both the comedic and horror aspects. It features strong performances from its cast, particularly from Vic Sotto and Iza Calzado. The film's production design, effects, and atmosphere all make for a creepy and entertaining viewing experience. If you're a fan of Filipino horror movies, then Ispiritista: Itay, May Moomoo! is definitely worth checking out.

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    1 hr 50 min
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    5.5  (42)