My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

"A Sexy Screwball Romantic Comedy"
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The movie was released in September 1998 showing in the United States. The movie is listed with the genre of romantic comedy, gay & lesbian and drama. The movie has some adult content pertaining to sexual preferences and was rated R or restricted for individuals over the age of 18. The movie was directed and written by Kenneth Schapiro. The movie was produced by Kenneth Schapiro and associate producer L. Cyre Rodriguez.

The movies story is about a young man who is a celebrity but is secretly gay and the only way to fit in society is to marry. Actor Chris Bruno plays the groom Cliff who is supposed to marry inexperienced Cory Lindross, the bride played by actress Linda Larkin. The movie has the best man, Wes played by actor Jack Koening. The maid of honor, Liberty played by actress Jill Novick brings to the wedding with boy friend Jake played by actor Sean Runnette. The romantic love triangle blossoms as gorgeous reporter Melissa Stevens played by Deborah Gibson. Melissa and Jake try to have a romantic relationship.

| 1998 | 1 hr 21 min | 5.0/10
Sean Runnette, Debbie Gibson, Jill Novick, Chris Bruno
Kenneth Schapiro
Produced By
Kenneth Schapiro, Evan Seplow, L. Cyre Rodriguez
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
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Also starring Debbie Gibson