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  • 2017
  • 1 hr 31 min
  • 6.1  (3,565)

My Name Is Lenny is a British biographical sports drama film based on the life of Lenny McLean, a former heavyweight champion and bare-knuckle fighter known for his unyielding fighting spirit and fierce determination. Set in the vibrant East End of London in the 1980s, the film follows Lenny's tumultuous journey from a rough-and-tumble street brawler to a national icon revered by both fans and foes.

The film stars Josh Helman as Lenny McLean, a tough and rugged fighter who struggles to balance his love for his family with his passion for fighting. Michael Bisping plays Roy Shaw, a fierce competitor who challenges Lenny to a brutal bare-knuckle fight that becomes the talk of the town. Chanel Cresswell portrays Val, Lenny's devoted wife who stands by him through thick and thin.

The film opens with a young Lenny (played by Charley Palmer Rothwell) getting into a street fight as a teenager. It quickly establishes Lenny's fiery personality and his willingness to stand up for himself and his friends. We see Lenny fighting his way through various underground boxing matches before he is discovered by a promoter who sees the potential in his raw fighting skills. Lenny agrees to train with him and soon becomes a force to be reckoned with in the boxing ring.

As Lenny's fame grows, he becomes embroiled in a bitter feud with Roy Shaw, a fellow bare-knuckle fighter who sees Lenny as a threat to his own reputation. The two men engage in a brutal fight that leaves Lenny severely injured but victorious. However, the victory comes at a great cost, as Lenny's health begins to deteriorate from the constant physical battering he endures.

The film delves into Lenny's personal life, including his tumultuous relationship with his wife, Val. Lenny struggles to balance his passion for fighting with his desire to provide for his family, and his marriage suffers as a result. The film also portrays Lenny's experience as a father, as he tries to protect his son from the dangers of the criminal underworld that he is often associated with.

Throughout the film, Josh Helman delivers a powerful performance as Lenny McLean, perfectly capturing his rough-and-ready persona and gritty fighting style. He manages to evoke sympathy for Lenny, despite his often violent and unpredictable behavior.

Michael Bisping also shines as Roy Shaw, portraying the character's fierce competitiveness and animosity towards Lenny with convincing intensity. Chanel Cresswell's portrayal of Val, Lenny's devoted wife, provides a much-needed emotional touch to the film, as she tries to hold her family together amidst the chaos of Lenny's fighting career.

The film is directed by Ron Scalpello, who infuses every scene with a gritty realism that perfectly captures the rough-and-tumble atmosphere of the East End in the 1980s. The fight scenes are particularly impressive, with the bare-knuckle fights feeling brutal and visceral, but never gratuitous or overly violent.

Overall, My Name Is Lenny is a powerful and engaging biographical drama that provides insight into the life of one of Britain's most notorious fighters. It is a captivating film that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, rooting for Lenny every step of the way.

My Name Is Lenny
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    6.1  (3,565)