My Name Is Modesty

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My Name is Modesty is an action film that is based on the life of a former crime boss who turned into a secret agent. The main character is Modesty Blaise who is played by British actress Alexandra Staden. The storyline for this movie was based off a comic series with the same name. At the beginning of this story Modesty is working as a croupier at a casino. The casino is located in Tangier. A group of criminals go to the casino and start killing the employees because they want access to the safe. Modesty is able to use her past experiences to save some of her coworkers. She also arranges for an employee to come to the casino that knows the password to get into the casino vault. While awaiting the arrival of this person Modesty and the leader of the gang play a little game of roulette with interesting results. If she was to win the game twice in a row one of the people they are holding as a hostage will be released. If she were to lose she would have to the tell the criminals the truth about her background in crime.

The game does not go too well for Modesty. She beings telling the story of her life from when she was orphaned as a child. She was left in a refugee camp in the Balkans. It was there that she met her mentor. He taught her how to speak different languages and different forms of martial arts. After her mentor's death she made her way from Algeria to the casino. While she is telling her story the person with the code arrives and enters it. The criminals are then able to get into the safe. When they do Modesty becomes very angry and uses her martial arts training to defeat them and save all the hostages.

| 2003 | 1 hr 18 min | 4.6/10
Alexandra Staden, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Raymond Cruz, Fred Pearson
Miramax Films
Scott Spiegel
Produced By
Quentin Tarantino (executive), Marcelo Anciano, Michael Berrow, Ted Nicolaou
My Name Is Modesty
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Also starring Alexandra Staden