Nearing Grace

"What if the one thing you want is the last thing you need?"
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Nearing Grace is a comedy drama romance that was written by Jacob Aaron Estes, based upon based upon Scott Sommer's book, Nearing Grace. Directed by Rick Rosenthal, the film was produced by Susan Johnson for Whitewater Films and features Gregory Smith, David Morse and Jordana Brewster. The story takes place in 1978 suburban New Jersey. Henry Nearing (played by Gregory Smith) has been navigating the confusing waters of his senior year of high school. He delivers a eulogy for his just deceased mother. After this, he embarks upon a journey to scatter his mother's ashes.

His older brother, Blair (played by David Moscow) is devastated by his mother's passing and immediately looks for solace by using psychedelic drugs. Around six months after his mother's death, Henry's father, Shep (played by David Morse) also has yet to get over the loss. He starts behaving in a juvenile fashion, like screaming while riding a motorcycle all around town.

Henry is also still traumatized by his mother's passing. As a result, his vulnerabilities get the best of him and just before graduation, he drops out of school. He becomes a hermit, hiding in the basement of his home, desperately trying to figure out the meaning of his life.

Henry also abandons his longtime friend, Merna Ash (played by Ashley Johnson) who is his best friend and in love with him. Instead, he goes for various vixens of dubious personalities. One such girl is Grace Chance (played by Jordana Brewster) who teases many innocent boys, stringing Henry along during many flirtations and dalliances - but it is clear that she could not be less serious about dating him.

Though Merna attempts to hide how she feels about Henry. She begins to pursue Tripp (played by Logan Bartholomew) - a music college student, but she is not really interested in him. Eventually, she and Henry find their way back together.

| 2005 | 1 hr 45 min | 5.9/10 | 62/100
Gregory Smith, Jordana Brewster, Ashley Johnson, David Moscow
Rick Rosenthal
Produced By
Susan Johnson
Nearing Grace
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