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  • NR
  • 2013
  • 1 hr 46 min

Neel Swapno is a 2013 Bengali film that revolves around the life of a woman who is forced to marry a man that she does not love. The film is directed by Subhrajit Mitra and stars Bhaskar Banerjee, Moumita Bose, and Moumita Das in lead roles. The film opens with the introduction of the protagonist, Raktima (played by Moumita Bose), who is a young woman living in Kolkata. She is in love with a man named Anirban (played by Bhaskar Banerjee) and dreams of marrying him someday. However, her family is against their relationship as Anirban is from a lower caste and is not financially stable.

Raktima's family arranges her marriage with a wealthy man, Sukanta (played by Arnab Banerjee), who belongs to the same caste as her. Though Raktima disagrees with the marriage, she is forced to marry Sukanta due to family pressure.

After the wedding, Raktima moves to her new home, where she finds it hard to adjust. Sukanta proves to be a controlling and abusive husband, making life difficult for Raktima. She longs to escape and be reunited with Anirban.

As the story progresses, Raktima starts having vivid dreams about Anirban and their life together. It is through these dreams that she finds solace and strength to cope with her harsh reality. Meanwhile, Anirban, who is still in love with Raktima, starts searching for a way to reunite with her.

The movie takes an emotional turn as Raktima struggles to find happiness in her married life. Her dreams and desires are in conflict with the reality of her situation. The plot moves at a steady pace, allowing the audience to connect with the characters and their struggles.

The film's performances are commendable and add depth to the storyline. Moumita Bose portrays Raktima's dilemma with great intensity and portrays her character's emotions convincingly. Baskhar Banerjee delivers an excellent performance as Anirban, portraying him as a caring and determined lover.

Mitra's direction adds a layer to the film's narrative, capturing the essence of Kolkata's chaotic city life. The film's cinematography showcases the city's beauty, making it a character in itself. The music is melodic and complements the film's narrative well.

Overall, Neel Swapno is an emotional drama that explores the themes of love, marriage, and social hierarchy. The film's realistic portrayal of Raktima's trauma resonates with the audience, making it a must-watch for those who enjoy heart-wrenching tales.

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