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  • 2008
  • 6.6  (986)

Nenu Meeku Telusa...? is a Telugu psychological thriller film released in 2008, directed by Ajay Sastry and starring Manoj Manchu, Sneha Ullal, and Riya Sen in the lead roles, with Mohammad Ali, Tanikella Bharani, and Brahmanandam in supporting roles. The movie is a gripping tale interlaced with elements of suspense, drama, and a slight touch of humor that provides a refreshing balance to the otherwise intense narration.

The protagonist of the story is Aditya, portrayed by Manoj Manchu, a seemingly ordinary young man with an extraordinary problem. Aditya suffers from a rare and severe case of short-term memory loss, a condition that wipes his memory clean every time he falls asleep, leading him to restart his day with no remembrance of his past. This condition not only poses countless challenges in his daily life but also keeps him on the fringes of danger, unable to piece together his life's story from the day before.

As Aditya confronts the realities of living with such a debilitating condition, he devises a series of strategies to help him cope. He begins to use various forms of technology and a structured regimen of notes, photographs, and voice-recordings to provide a framework for his fractured memory. These recorded messages serve as a bridge between his fragmented past and present, guiding him through the day to day actions and helping him maintain some semblance of normalcy in his life.

The movie takes a turn when a series of mysterious events start to unravel around Aditya. His struggle is not just with his memory but also with piecing together the cryptic and increasingly alarming clues that crop up in his day-to-day life. The narrative weaves through the complexities of Aditya’s relationships and his attempts to understand the intentions of the people around him, particularly the women in his life, portrayed by Sneha Ullal and Riya Sen. Their performances add depth to the storyline, further complicating the puzzles that Aditya must solve.

Supporting characters played by Mohammad Ali, Tanikella Bharani, and Brahmanandam, add additional layers to the plot. Tanikella Bharani, a seasoned actor known for his versatility, often plays roles that significantly impact the storyline and Mohammad Ali is known for portraying characters that resonate with emotional depth. Brahmanandam, one of the most celebrated comedians in Telugu cinema, injects much-needed comedy to ease the tension and provide moments of levity in this suspense-laden movie.

As the story progresses, the suspense intensifies, with the director skillfully crafting scenes that keep the audience at the edge of their seats. The screenplay is thoughtfully written to make viewers empathize with the protagonist’s plight while trying to solve the mystery alongside him. Clues are uncovered incrementally, making the journey of discovery both intriguing and fraught with uncertainty.

The film is not only about the suspenseful storyline but also the psychological exploration of its characters. It challenges the viewers to contemplate the vital role memory plays in shaping a person's identity, relationships, and the ability to trust others. It delves into the themes of love, betrayal, and the lengths to which one will go to protect oneself or exploit another's vulnerabilities.

The director uses the film's technical aspects to enhance the storytelling, with well-composed shots and a color palette that reflects the tones of the narrative. The cinematography creates an atmosphere that accentuates the protagonist's confusion and the overall mood of the enigma. The musical score by Achu complements the film’s ambiance, with the soundtrack playing a key role in building suspense and conveying the emotional undertones of the scenes.

Nenu Meeku Telusa...? has been lauded for its fresh take on the psychological thriller genre in Telugu cinema and its clever plot that keeps the audience guessing until the very end. It is a challenging role for Manoj Manchu, which he handles with deft acting, portraying the various complex emotional states of his character. The movie, through its compelling narrative and strong performances, explores the psyche of a man on a quest for truth within the confines of his fragmented consciousness.

In conclusion, Nenu Meeku Telusa...? is a well-crafted film that intertwines a unique medical condition with a suspenseful plot to create a cinematic experience that is both intellectually provocative and emotionally charged. The movie maintains its thrilling pace throughout, inviting the audience to journey with its protagonist as he navigates a labyrinth of clues and uncovers truths that are as perplexing as his condition. With a strong cast and an engaging story, the film promises to be a delight for fans of the thriller genre and an introspective take on the complexities of human memory and identity.

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