No Mercy for the Rude

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"Bullies, Pimps and Drug Dealers beware!"
  • 2006
  • 1 hr 53 min
  • 7.2  (1,753)

No Mercy for the Rude is a Korean film from 2006 that falls under the genre of crime, drama, and comedy. The movie is directed by Park Chul-hee and stars Shin Ha-kyun as the lead character Killa, who is a hitman with a speech impairment. The film focuses on his journey and how he overcomes his inability to speak. The story of this movie revolves around the life of Killa, who is known for his ruthlessness in killing people. However, he has a secret that no one knows about, which is his inability to speak normally. Due to his speech impairment, Killa has a tough time communicating with others, which makes him an outcast in society. Despite this, he takes on various contracts and uses his exceptional fighting skills to complete them.

One day, Killa is approached by a group of people who want him to kill a man named Kim. Initially, Killa refuses the offer, but later agrees after learning that the contract offers a significant amount of money. As he prepares to carry out the hit, Killa is taken by surprise when he discovers that Kim has the same speech disability as himself.

Killa eventually finds out that Kim is trying to gather enough money to pay for life-saving surgery for his sister, who has a brain tumor. Killa starts to develop a bond with Kim and later decides to help him raise the necessary funds for his sister's surgery instead of killing him. Killa's actions put him in danger from the people who had hired him to kill Kim, and he must fight to keep himself and Kim safe.

The themes explored in this movie include family, bonds, and morality. Killa is portrayed as an anti-hero who has a deeper sense of morality despite his criminal lifestyle. His friendship with Kim emphasizes this fact, as he is willing to put his life on the line to help someone in need. The film also explores the relationship between Killa and the other characters, which reveals how his inability to communicate has shaped his life. The character development of Killa is a significant part of this movie, as we see him overcome his speech disability and establish meaningful relationships with people.

The director, Park Chul-hee, uses a mix of violence, comedy, and drama to portray Killa's life story. The cinematography is impressive, and the fight scenes are intense and realistic. The background score complements the story well and brings out the emotions of the characters. The cast performances are top-notch, especially Shin Ha-kyun's portrayal of Killa, who brings out the character's vulnerabilities and strengths with equal conviction.

One of the strengths of this movie is its underlying message about the importance of human bonds and the value of life. The film is a commentary on the harsh realities that people face in society and the ordeals they have to go through to survive. Despite its dark themes, the movie manages to be light-hearted and entertaining, thanks to the comedic elements woven into the story.

In conclusion, No Mercy for the Rude is an excellent Korean crime and drama movie that stands out due to its unique storyline and superb performances. The movie offers an engaging experience that is both thought-provoking and entertaining. It is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys action movies with a twist.

No Mercy for the Rude
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    1 hr 53 min
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    7.2  (1,753)