Not Another Not Another Movie

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Not Another Not Another Movie tries harder than most comedies to make it's point. It is the strangest film of 2009, but is also fun, intelligent, and entertaining, at least in theory. Director David Murphy does not pull punches when it comes to the unique comedy in Not Another Not Another Movie. He brings together a huge cast of talent, then turns everyone loose with a very detailed and odd screenplay.

Not Another Not Another Movie never stops accelerating it's story forward, so it is worth watching a couple times to catch all the weirdness. It is a movie about movie spoofs, but made by people who hate them. If this sounds a little confusing, then buckle those seat belts viewing audiences. Not Another Not Another Movie intends on going where no movie should probably have ever gone before, or ever again.

Not Another Not Another Movie begins with a financially failing movie studio in Hollywood, aptly called Sunshine Studios. The only thing going for the studio is it's strange cast of characters, owners, script writers, executives, and other movie studio employees. These people are willing to do everything and anything at all, if it will make the studio money now.

Chevy Chase plays Max Storm, who is the brains behind the studio that is going bankrupt. He hires a washed out director, a freakish screenwriter, an criminally minded producer, and his crazed brother to remake Sunshine Studios. These are played by Burt Reynolds, David Leo Shultz, Vinnie Jones, and Michael Madsen, each adding their own insanity to the situation. This is the most original movie industry spoof and the supporting cast is really quite amazing.

Not Another Not Another Movie shows the real dangers that lie lurking within the modern film business. As the film progresses, everyone at Sunshine Studios brings their own agendas, problems, and lunacy to the table. There are so many plot twists that Not Another Not Another Movie, really must be seen to believe.'There truly is not another movie like Not Another Not Another Movie.

| 2009 | 1 hr 39 min | 2.6/10
David Leo Schultz, Ellie Gerber, James Piper, Jennifer Sciole
David Murphy
Not Another Not Another Movie
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Also directed by David Murphy