Odysseus: Isle of the Mist

Homer decides that it is time to write the story of his travels with Odysseus into a mysterious fog. These tales that he once thought were too terrible to write he now relives in order for them to live on after his death. While sailing back to Ithaca after the bloody Trojan War, Odysseus and his men lose their bearings in a strange fog that holds creatures that pick them off one by one. In a desperate attempt to recover supplies and their spirits after the attack they land on a nearby island. Their troubles are not over as a mysterious woman that resides on the island comes to offer her assistance. They do not know why the creatures are so thirsty for their blood yet will not attack this woman and decide to stay on guard while in her presence. They must escape the fog and the creatures and return to their homes and families in Ithaca.

| 2008 | 1 hr 32 min | 4.3/10
Terry Ingram
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Odysseus: Isle of the Mist