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  • 2019
  • 129 hr
  • 7.3  (163)

Ogo Bodhu Sundari is a romantic drama released in 1981 directed by Salil Sen, starring Uttam Kumar, Moushumi Chatterjee, and Sumitra Mukherjee. The film revolves around the life of a doctor named Anjan, played by Uttam Kumar, who is devoted to his profession and has no space in his life for love. He leads a lonely life until he meets Rupa, played by Moushumi Chatterjee, who is a mysterious woman with a tragic past that haunts her.

Anjan is drawn to Rupa's beauty and charm and gradually falls in love with her. However, Rupa is unwilling to reciprocate his love as she fears that her past will ruin Anjan's life. As the movie progresses, Anjan is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding Rupa and win her love.

The film explores various themes like unconditional love, sacrifice, forgiveness, and the importance of letting go of the past. The chemistry between Uttam Kumar and Moushumi Chatterjee is electrifying and heightens the romantic tension between the characters.

Apart from the lead actors, Sumitra Mukherjee, who plays Anjan's sister, also leaves a lasting impression with her performance. Her character is supportive and endearing, providing comic relief in the otherwise intense film.

The film's soundtrack is another strong aspect of the movie, with music composed by Shyamal Mitra and lyrics penned by Pulak Bandyopadhyay. The songs are soulful and melodious and add to the emotional depth of the film.

Overall, Ogo Bodhu Sundari is a masterpiece that is a must-watch for every Bengali cinema enthusiast. It portrays love in its purest form, and the complexity of human emotions in a subtle and nuanced manner. The film is a reminder that true love can conquer all obstacles and has the power to heal even the most broken hearts.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    129 hr
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (163)