Oliver Twist

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The movie Oliver Twist is a film that is based on a book with the same name that was written by Charles Dickens. Oliver’s parents are in love but things are hard for them. His father Edwin is married to a woman named Elizabeth and has a son with her named Monks. His mother is named Agnes and she has trouble with her own family. Elizabeth kills Oliver's father and sends her son to kill his mother but she is able to escape. This happens while she is pregnant with Oliver. She gives birth to him and then dies leaving Oliver an orphan.

Oliver was taken in by workhouse and has been abused. When he reaches the age of nine he runs away. Monk is really his half brother and has a man named Fagin take in Oliver and teach him how to be a thief. Fagin sets up a situation where Oliver gets caught. He goes to court but the charges get dropped and he ends up alone on the streets of London.

A man named Mr. Brownlow take in Oliver. He and his family are forced to return Oliver to Fagin and everything he was given by the Brownlow family was taken away including his clothing. When they are on a robbery Oliver gets shot by a guard. He is then left in a ditch. The Brownlows find this out and go out to look for Oliver.

Oliver recognized Fagin and Fagin arrested for the crime. Oliver visits him in prison to find out about a letter that is being kept by Monk. They find the letter which is written by Oliver’s father to his mother. While in jail Fagin shows signs of insanity. Oliver has a happy childhood with the Brownlows who want to make his happy and Monk apologies for his actions blaming a rough childhood and is allowed to go live down south and be happy.

1999 | 2 hr 10 min | 7.7/10
Annette Crosbie, Marc Warren, Michael Kitchen, Lindsay Duncan
Renny Rye
Oliver Twist
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