Once an Eagle

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During World War I, Sam Damon carries himself as the consummate American soldier. He is brave, trustworthy and a true warrior and hero on the battlefield. Courtney Massengale is everything that Damon is not. He is a manipulator and opportunist who is using his time in the Army as a means for promoting his own career and victimizing women.

When the war is over, Damon returns to his family and starts building a life based upon the kind of man he became in the military. For Massengale, his list of character flaws is sure to lead him into trouble upon his return.

1976 | 9 hr | 8.1/10
Cliff Potts, Darleen Carr, Amy Irving, Glenn Ford
Richard Michaels, E.W. Swackhamer
Produced By
Peter S. Fischer
Once an Eagle
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