The Blue Lightning

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  • NR
  • 1986
  • 1 hr 36 min
  • 5.2  (253)

The Blue Lightning is an action-adventure movie whirling around the theft of a priceless Aboriginal artefact, and the fight to secure it by a group of courageous people. The story kicks off when a group of thieves steal the rare artefact from a sacred Aboriginal site in the Australian outback. The artefact, called the 'Blue Lightning', is a wand with special powers that can cause thunder and lightning in the sky during a heavy downpour, and is believed to have supernatural powers from the Dreamtime. The theft sparks outrage among the Aboriginal people, and an international blackmail ring led by an undefeatable villain, Rydell (played by Robert Culp), takes control of the artefact. The artefact is a valuable treasure that they can use to gain vast sums of money and inflict destruction on the world.

In response, an American adventurer, Harry Wingate (played by Sam Elliott), is summoned to help retrieve the artefact from Rydell and his associates. Harry Wingate is a retired diamond miner who has been searching for his flock of pigeons in the Australian outback. He is at first reluctant to help due to his negative experience with corporate criminals in the past. Nevertheless, as Harry gets to know the people involved in the case, he learns of the artefact's power and the criminal's intention to blackmail the world. His newfound responsibility pushes him into action.

As Harry starts his journey, he meets a journalist named Gerry (played by Rebecca Gilling), who is hot on the trail of Rydell's international supply of criminals. Gerry is eager to write a story about the theft, but quickly becomes an integral part of Wingate's search. Together, they follow a series of leads that take them to different locations around Australia, with escalating danger and pursuit as they draw closer to the truth.

The Blue Lightning is not only about the treasure, but is also a portrayal of the rich and varied Australian landscape. The filmmakers capture the essence of the outback's natural beauty, with rugged mountains, waterfalls, oceans, and deep valleys, providing the perfect backdrop for the story.

The film features top-notch performances from the cast, notably from Sam Elliott, who portrays Harry Wingate with a convincing blend of toughness and tenderness. Elliott has an inherent charisma that is evident on-screen, and he captures Harry Wingate's essence perfectly. Rebecca Gilling is equally impressive as the ambitious and determined journalist Gerry. She brings a sense of plucky positivity to the role, which complements Elliott's performance well.

John Meillon, who portrays a sympathetic Aboriginal elder named 'Gundara', contributes an essential aspect of the Australian Indigenous culture to the film, through his portrayal of the beauty, wisdom, and strength of the Aboriginal people. Meillon's portrayal is infused with tenderness and respect, reflecting the character's essential presence and importance to the movie.

In conclusion, The Blue Lightning is an excellent action-adventure movie that satisfies the viewers' thirst for intrigue, mystery, and danger, balanced with touching moments of emotion and heartwarming connections with the characters. The movie never loses its pace, with a perfect mix of suspense and excitement, allowing for a thrilling and captivating experience. It is a testament to the creators' dedication and passion to bring the film to life, becoming a memorable slice of Australian cinema history.

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