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  • G
  • 1974
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 5.6  (109)

Once Upon a Scoundrel is a delightful 1973 comedy film starring Zero Mostel, Katy Jurado, and A Martinez. Directed by George Marshall, this light-hearted and entertaining movie takes audiences on a wild romp through the world of con artists, swindlers, and their hilarious and high-stake escapades. The story revolves around the cunning and flamboyant scoundrel, Elwin Blynn, played brilliantly by Zero Mostel. Elwin is a charming con artist who possesses an uncanny ability to trick and deceive people with his clever schemes. He prides himself on always staying one step ahead of the law and his unsuspecting victims.

However, Elwin's lifestyle soon catches up with him when he finds himself on the run from the notorious gangster, Mary Ann, portrayed by the talented Katy Jurado. Determined to bring Elwin to justice, Mary Ann sets off on a relentless pursuit, creating a tension-filled cat-and-mouse game that forms the crux of the movie's narrative.

Amidst the chaos and danger, Elwin unexpectedly crosses paths with a young and resourceful Chicano named Pepe, portrayed by A Martinez. Pepe, initially a victim of Elwin's scams, quickly becomes entangled in the scoundrel's world. As the plot unfolds, the duo forms an unlikely partnership, joining forces to outsmart Mary Ann and her gang of thugs.

Once Upon a Scoundrel takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride filled with outrageous cons, comedic misadventures, and unexpected twists. The film successfully blends slapstick humor with thrilling action sequences, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout.

The trio of lead actors delivers stellar performances, bringing their characters to life with extraordinary wit and charm. Zero Mostel shines as the charismatic Elwin, effortlessly capturing the character's larger-than-life personality and his ingenious ability to manipulate people. Mostel's impeccable comedic timing and expressive physicality add another layer of humor to Elwin's antics.

Katy Jurado, on the other hand, delivers a strong and commanding performance as the tenacious Mary Ann. Her portrayal of the determined gangster showcases a perfect blend of toughness and vulnerability, adding depth to the character. Jurado's chemistry with Mostel creates electric on-screen moments, as their characters engage in a battle of wits and try to outsmart each other at every turn.

The standout performance, however, comes from A Martinez as Pepe. Martinez captures Pepe's innocence, intelligence, and eventual transformation into a resourceful and street-smart con artist. His portrayal of Pepe is both endearing and charming, providing a perfect foil to Mostel's flamboyance and Jurado's intensity.

George Marshall's direction adds a fast-paced and energetic rhythm to the film. The vibrant cinematography beautifully captures the colorful and vivid world of the 1970s, as the characters navigate through bustling streets, crowded markets, and extravagant parties. The whimsical and catchy musical score further enhances the film's energetic vibe, perfectly complementing the comedic and thrilling moments.

Once Upon a Scoundrel offers a unique blend of comedy, action, and charm. With its clever plot twists, unforgettable characters, and an underlying theme of redemption, this film remains an entertaining and enjoyable cinematic experience. Despite the passage of time, the humor and wit of Once Upon a Scoundrel have stood the test of time, making it a true gem of 1970s cinema.

In conclusion, Once Upon a Scoundrel, featuring the remarkable performances of Zero Mostel, Katy Jurado, and A Martinez, is an entertaining and humorous film that takes audiences on a thrilling journey through the world of con artists. With its well-crafted plot, excellent direction, and memorable characters, this 1973 comedy is sure to captivate viewers with its wit and charm.

Once Upon a Scoundrel is a 1974 comedy with a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.6.

Once Upon a Scoundrel
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