A Piano for Mrs. Cimino

This is a dramatic movie about the cruel effects of aging on a retired woman. Esther Cimino has reached the age of retirement as a music teacher. She knows her abilities are slipping due to age, but her pride helps her to keep on going as best she can. Her children want to place her in a nursing home, but she wants to live out her life in her own home. A court battle ensues, and the judge sides with her children.

When she finds herself imprisoned in the nursing home, Esther believes she has no reason left to live. One of her granddaughters will use love to help her find a reason.

1982 | 1 hr 40 min | 8.7/10
Bette Davis, Penny Fuller, Christopher Guest, George Hearn
George Schaefer
Produced By
George Schaefer
A Piano for Mrs. Cimino
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