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  • G
  • 1967
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 7.5  (7,457)

Louis de Funs plays a big industrialist named Bertrand Barnier who discovers over the course of a single day that his daughter is pregnant, he has been robbed by an employee, and various other calamities have befallen his household and his business.
Christian Martin, modest accountant in a big society held by Bertrand Barnier, a property promoter, surprises his boss on getting out of bed, to ask him for an increase in his wage (corresponding in fact to an increase of 100 % of this one!). Anyway, Martin is on the point of asking for the hand of a girl and does not dare to come in front of his father with a simple wage of employee. In front of the refusal of Barnier, Martin reveals him he diverted more than sixty million old francs by falsifying accounting records of the firm of his boss. In front of the threat of this last to report it to the police, Martin emphasizes in Barnier of consequences of his fraud to the statement of his incomes in the tax office. Barnier must give in to blackmail and agrees to augment Martin at the same time as he names him vice-president of his firm. Martin reveals then to Barnier that the young woman whom he intends to marry the daughter of this last is in reality. In hidden purpose to recover sixty - diverted millions, Barnier offers to Martin to "restore " to him to sum so that he can give it to his daughter as wedding present. However, Martin learns from his boss that he converted sum into jewellery and that these are in a bank. He therefore leaves to search the suitcase containing the famous jewellery. During this time, Barnier explains with the daughter, Colette. It tells it off sharply, opposing to its marriage, what causes tears to the young woman. During his return, Martin delays the suitcase containing jewellery against a signed paper on who Barnier agree to delay jewellery to Colette during his marriage. At the same instant, and on advice of Bernadette, the good of Barnier, Colette makes believe to his father that she expects a baby of her lover so that he cannot refuse marriage. From this instant, Barnier seems really decided to give the sixty millions as wedding present to Colette. Everything seems to have to come back into order... But while Martin again went away, a young woman comes in Barnier. She announces him that she is loving of... Christian Martin and that it made believe to him that she was the girl of Barnier. What means that Martin is not loving the daughter of his boss but other one. Suddenly, Barnier risks not recovering the sixty millions. It enjoins the young woman, Jacqueline Bouillotte, to hide from the floor. Having learnt that Colette likes Oscar in reality, the driver whom his father had returned a while earlier, Barnier recovers the suitcase of jewellery of the hands of Martin come back from the bank. This last learns Jacqueline lied to him, which causes a violent dispute to drive to their break. Since then, Barnier, who learnt that Oscar had got involved in a polar expedition of a length of six years because of a " loving disappointment ", promises to Martin to return him the suitcase of jewellery if he marries his daughter. Martin hesitates, then, learning that the girl of Barnier is not indeed pregnant, he tries to put Barnier on a new "pigeon": Philippe Dubois, the masseur of Barnier. During this time, the maid of the Barniers announces her resignation and prepares a suitcase filled with clothes; she leaves the residence to go to marry the baron Honor de la Butinire, the ancient candidate of the girl Barnier. But while it takes leave, she makes a mistake about suitcase and exchanges his with that containing jewellery. Barnier tries to explain to his masseur why of how, and tries to persuade it to marry his daughter, promising him to give them the contents of the suitcase by way of wedding present. Barnier narrowly misses an apoplectic fit when he opens the suitcase being discussed, containing in reality the clothes of the new Baroness, Bernadette, while he expected to find jewellery there. At this instant, Martin comes back home and makes an at least disturbing revelation of Barnier; in part the intromission of a blank sheet hidden among accounting documents which Martin made in Barnier a bit sign earlier, Martin acquired a banking power of attorney which allowed him to divert sixty other millions at the account of Barnier. Martin offers then in this last to exchange jewellery for these sixty millions. Barnier thinks have deceived Martin by giving him Bernadette's suitcase, but he ignores that this one was exchanged in reality by the driver of the Baroness, already come to bring back the suitcase of jewellery. Barnier hands the jewellery -therefore without knowing it- to Martin and invents an address all at once that he pretends to be that of Jacqueline. Martin goes there. After a series of comical mess, Barnier finds himself once again with Bernadette's suitcase under arms. After an unforgettable stage in the telephone with the Baron and a series of funny faces, it recovers the suitcase filled with jewellery of the hands of piqued Martin who finds that the address that Barnier gave him earlier is that of a home of date . Barnier, out of joy to have recovered the suitcase filled with jewellery, then confesses to have invented address; Jacqueline (who had come back a bit earlier) is in fact in the office of Barnier. This one tries then to recover the suitcase containing the sixty other millions, which are this time in form of liquid. During this time, Oscar returns to Barnier for Colette's joy, but the masseur, consequently loving this one, puts outside it wildly. Afterwards moult events and mess in any types, an old called lady Charlotte, comes in the domicile of Barnier; it is sent by the employment agency, to replace Bernadette as maid. This one confesses him that she had been the maid of the family Barnier, in the past. This last also has a girl, been born officially of an unknown father loving a frame of the name of... Christian Martin! Barnier realizes that the young woman being discussed is other than Jacqueline, Charlotte teaches him truly that Jacqueline is in fact her own daughter! Under the impact, Barnier needs several minutes to recover from it, then experiences a kind of temporary madness which leads his spouse to make an aside. Finally Oscar returns the home and everything seems to be well which finishes well. Only, while everybody felicitates, Bernadette arrives inconspicuously, and without saying a word to upset nobody, thinking have made a mistake about suitcase, she exchanges it with other one when Barnier asks Martin to open the famous suitcase, thinking that he is going to take out jewellery from it, it does again an apoplectic fit by seeing appearing from the black suitcase... Bernadette's brassiere! Everybody takes then cars, motorbikes and bikes to recover the other suitcase of jewellery one and for all!

Oscar is a 1967 comedy with a runtime of 1 hour and 25 minutes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.5.

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