L'aile ou la cuisse

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Charles Duchemin has always been passionate about work in both cooking and writing. In hopes of saving the French art of cooking, Charles decides to start a war with a new company in the cooking world. However in the middle of this war, two of the worst things possible happen to him. Being considered a world class taster, Charles is absolutely destroyed when he finds out that he can no longer taste any kind of food. Then, the hopes and dreams that he had for his son are placed into question when his son decides to go off on his own career path.

1976 | 1 hr 44 min | 7.2/10
Louis de Funès, Coluche, Ann Zacharias, Julien Guiomar
Claude Zidi
Produced By
Christian Fechner
L'aile ou la cuisse
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Also directed by Claude Zidi