My New Partner

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In this French comedy, Rene Boirand is a police officer in Paris who is not above taking money on the side from assorted petty criminals who want to go about their illegal business in peace. When his partner gets arrested and charged with corruption, Boirand is assigned a new partner to work with, someone fresh out of the police academy who is naïve and malleable. Boirand doesn't waste any time teaching his new partner his old tricks.

| 1984 | | 7.2/10
Philippe Noiret, Thierry Lhermitte, Régine, Grace de Capitani
My New Partner (Orig. Les Ripoux), also known as Le Cop, is a 1984 French movie directed by Claude Zidi. It won the Csar Award for Best Film in 1985, and features a notable performance by Philippe Noiret. Two sequels were later made: Ripoux contre Ripou
My New Partner
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Also directed by Claude Zidi