The Clockmaker

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The premise of the 1974 film The Clockmaker is about time. It's not known if time stays still or if it continues on. Based partly on real life events, French film critic Bernard Tavernier directs and stars under his alter ego, Philipe Noiret. Philipe is puzzled by the nefarious activities of his young adult son Sylvain. Sylvain is arrested on a plethora of charges, which range from murder to arson. Sylvain offers an excuse: the world is full of pigs like himself. Noiret must ask himself if his son's actions are the result of a laissez-faire lifestyle he allowed him to have.

1974 | 1 hr 45 min | 7.1/10
Philippe Noiret, Jean Rochefort, Jacques Denis, Yves Afonso
January 16, 1974
Bertrand Tavernier
Produced By
Raymond Danon
The Clockmaker
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