Three Brothers

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  • PG
  • 1981
  • 1 hr 51 min
  • 7.1  (1,770)

Three Brothers is a 1981 Italian movie directed by legendary Italian director and screenwriter Francesco Rosi. It is a moving, introspective, and philosophical story that follows three adult brothers, all with different lives and aspirations, who reunite at their childhood home in the countryside to attend their mother's funeral. The movie is set in Milan, Italy, in the early 1980s, and follows three brothers as they reunite after their mother's death. Raffaele (Philippe Noiret) is a successful judge who is married to a beautiful wife and has an adorable daughter. He is a responsible and dignified man who has devoted himself to his career and family life. The second brother, Nicola (Michele Placido), is a failed writer and antiques dealer who has never managed to overcome his mother's disapproval and find his purpose in life. He is an anxious man who cannot escape his insecurities and regrets. The third brother, Rocco (Vittorio Mezzogiorno), is a communist laborer who lives in Naples with his wife and children. He is a true believer in the Communist Party's struggle against the oppressors and the working-class hero of the family.

On their way to their hometown, the brothers share their memories, reflections, and confessions. They recall their childhood, their relationships with their mother, and their divergent paths in life. Despite their differences, they share a profound bond that only siblings can understand. They also learn some shocking revelations about their mother, which challenge their perception of her and their relationship with her.

Once they arrive at their childhood home, they meet their remaining family members, including their mother's sister and a mentally disturbed cousin. They also meet some of the locals, including an old friend of their mother, who reminisces about her colorful past. As the funeral preparations begin, the brothers interact with each other and their relatives in ways that reveal their personalities and conflicts. They also confront their past failures, regrets, and secrets, seeking reconciliation and closure.

The movie's themes include family relationships, memory, identity, social class, ideology, and mortality. It is a nuanced and elegant portrayal of the human condition that invites reflection and empathy. The cinematography is stunning, capturing the beauty and melancholy of the Italian countryside and the urban landscape. The music is gentle and nostalgic, adding to the emotional depth of the movie.

The performances of the three main actors are outstanding, each bringing their unique style and sensitivity to their characters. Philippe Noiret embodies the dignified and refined judge with subtlety and grace. Michele Placido portrays the conflicted and troubled writer with vulnerability and intensity. Vittorio Mezzogiorno embodies the passionate and committed worker with charisma and energy. The supporting actors also deliver strong and memorable performances, adding to the movie's richness and authenticity.

Overall, Three Brothers is a timeless masterpiece of Italian cinema that deserves more recognition and appreciation. It is a touching and thought-provoking story that speaks to the complexity and universality of human experience. It is a movie that will stay with you long after you watch it and resonate with you in unexpected ways. Whether you are a fan of Italian movies or not, Three Brothers is a must-see movie that will enrich your cinematic and emotional life.

Three Brothers
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    1 hr 51 min
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    7.1  (1,770)