Dimenticare Palermo

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"Dimenticare Palermo," which means "Forgetting Palermo" in Italian, is a film from 1989, but adapted from a '60s novel. Due to his stance on the legalization of drugs, Carmine Bonavia has won the job of mayor for New York City. While celebrating his victory, Carmine finds a wife and flies to Sicily, his familial home, to enjoy his honeymoon. It is in this Italian city that Carmine is brought into contact with powerful men that have a vested interest in maintaining the current status quo of New York City's drug industry.

Dimenticare Palermo's title was localized as "The Palermo Connection."

| 1989 | | 5.6/10
Jim Belushi, Mimi Rogers, Joss Ackland, Philippe Noiret
Dimenticare Palermo (To Forget Palermo) is a 1989 Italian political thriller starring James Belushi and Mimi Rogers, directed by Francesco Rosi and co-written by Gore Vidal. [edit] Rating In the United States, the MPAA rated Dimenticare Palermo PG-13 (t
Dimenticare Palermo
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