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Julia Migenes in the title role gives life the incredible young Carmen who along with acclaimed tenor Placido Domingo, impersonating Don Jose, impeccably bring the explosive, tragic and tantalizing musical Carmen. Carmen is not the most beautiful or the most elegant, Carmen is a simple worker in a tobacco factory, who with her arrogance, and her ways to prevent abuses against her, she uses and do whatever to make it clear as to who is Carmen.

With her lively humor and sense of grandeur, Carmen sings her tunes while working, raising often jealousy and envious comments from her peers. In a typical working morning Carmen gets involved in a brawl and is challenged, between sevillanas and impetuous shaking of skirts, Carmen mortally wounds her rival with a knife.

Don Jose who is a soldier and guard the region is assigned to investigate the incident, he never imagined he would meet the most seductive and skillful woman, the woman that will leave Don Jose madly in love, and for whom he lost everything, even his dignity.

When Carmen is taken to prison, she makes art of her seductive ability and convinces Don Jose to free her; in exchange she will love him to the end. Don Jose falls surrendered to passion and madness for Carmen, becoming a jealous man capable of killing for her love.

When a young matador comes to town, she seduces him to win his heart. An obsessed and intransigence Don Jose becomes desperate as he foresees the abandonment. The insatiable Carmen falls for the young matador and as bulls in the ring, the two men will fight over her love.

Don Jose has sent a message, he wants to see Carmen to say goodbye. In an impassioned encounter, Don Jose, as a raging bull, attacks Carmen with a mortal blow, and while she dies alone, are heard the cheers to the matador.

| 1984 | 2 hr 32 min | 7.5/10
Julia Migenes, Plácido Domingo, Ruggero Raimondi, Faith Esham
Francesco Rosi
Produced By
Patrice Ledoux
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