Persons Unknown

A group of indifferent people who don't know each other are stranded in a town that's been deserted. They have no idea how they arrived there. Someone is watching them on hidden cameras, and stopping their every attempt to leave. Their capture puts them through mental and physically exhausting challenges, testing their will to survive. The strangers have to trust and count on each other if they want to live. However their abductors attempt to turn them against each other. Meanwhile, an investigative journalist starts to look into their disappearance, despite the intimidation of those who seem know the group’s every move.

| 1996 | 1 hr 39 min | 5.2/10
Joe Mantegna, Kelly Lynch, Naomi Watts, J.T. Walsh
Promark Entertainment
George Hickenlooper
Persons Unknown
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Person Unknown (1996)|0:57
Person Unknown (1996)|0:57